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Carsten Külheim

ckulheim *at*


Associate Professor

College of Forest Resources and Environmental Science

Michigan Technological University


PhD, Umea University, 2005

BSc, Umea University, 2000 

Lab Members


James Rauschendorfer, PhD student

(co-advised with Dr. Molly Cavaleri)

Research: Drought and climate adaptation in red oaks. 


Emily Lindback, MS student

(co-advised with Dr. Molly Cavaleri)

Research: Climate adaptation in northern red oak. 


Swapan Chakrabarty, PhD student

(co-advised with Dr. Matt Kelly)

Research: Social acceptability of genetically improved trees. 


Victoria Peck, Undergraduate student

Research: Red oak leaf physiology.


Stephanie Frantti, Undergraduate student

Research: Secondary metabolites affecting oak physiology and herbivory.

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Past Lab Members


Shallen Gurtler, MS student​

(co-advised with Dr. Kristin Brzeski)

Research: Mammal communities across silviculture treatments as assessed by camera traps and initial tests for iDNA community assessments.

Munkaila Musah, MS by coursework​

mm pic.jpg

Allie Johnson, Undergraduate student

Honorary Lab Members


Rebecca Filipczyk


Lab photo May 2019:

James Rauschendorfer, Allie Johnson, Victoria Peck, Stephanie Frantti,

Carsten Külheim

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