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Television / video:

TV6 interview on fall colors

Media releases / newspaper:

Eucalyptus genome (Spiegel, deutsch)

Field work photos

Left: Planting trees (2019). James Rauschendorfer, Victoria Peck

Right: How to dig out a seedling with all roots intact (2021). Andy Burton, James Rauschendorfer, Molly Cavaleri, Madalyn Tudor-Duncan

Left: Digging out red oaks for root physiology measurements. Emma Shedd, Madalyn Tudor-Duncan, James Rauschendorfer

Right: Rest during the heat of the day and root respiration. Madalyn Tudor-Duncan, James Rauschendorfer, Emma Shedd, Natalie Howard

At the end of a field campaign. 

Left (2022): C. Kuelheim, Natalie Howard, Madalyn Tudor-Duncan, Emma Shedd

Right (2021): C. Kuelheim, Joel Van Diepenpos, Emily Lindback, Emma Shedd

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