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Associate Professor 

Carsten Külheim

I grew up in Mainz, Germany, where I went to high-school and started my undergraduate degree in Biology. In 1999, I went on an international exchange year to Umea University, Sweden. I enjoyed the University culture, people and climate so much that I decided to stay. I finished my undergraduate degree and did my PhD there in Plant Molecular Biology, studying short-term light adaptation in photosynthesis. After a two year postdoc at the University of British Columbia, Canada, I moved to Canberra, Australia where I started to investigate how genetic differences affect variation in plant secondary metabolites. In 2018, I moved to my current position as Associate Professor in Forest Genetics at Michigan Technological University. My research focus is on environmental adaptation in deciduous trees.




Genetic basis of phenotypic trait variation

Major and minor affect alleles on biologically important traits.

1996 - 1999

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Biology Undergraduate

Plant adaptation to local environment

What makes a plant adapted and able to survive where it grows?

Plant Secondary Metabolism

Chemical warfare by plants to defend themselves against pathogens, pests and large herbivores.

Functional Genomics of plant defenses

How does the genome interact with the environment?

1999 - 2000

Umea University

BS in Biology

2000 - 2005

Umea University

PhD in Plant Molecular Biology

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