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Associate Professor

Carsten Külheim

In my laboratory, we investigate the interactions between trees and their environment – both abiotic interactions such as heat, drought and cold stress; and biotic interactions such as insect pests or fungal pathogens. We use diverse methods including whole genome sequence analysis, plant physiology, chemical ecology and functional genomics. Our studies will produce vital information for the selection of resilient trees which will provide valuable resources such as construction and high-tech materials, and biofuels in the future.


  1. Crisp MD, Bui MQ, Choi B, Edwards RD, Hereward J, Külheim C, Lin YP, Meusemann K, Thornhill AH, Toon A, Cool LG (2023) Perianth evolution and implications for generic delimitation in the Eucalypts (Myrtaceae), including the description of the genus, Blakella. Journal of Systematics and Evolution [in print]

  2. Kapoor B, Jenkins J, Schmutz J, Zhebentyayeva T, Külheim C, Coggenshall M, Heim C, Lasky JR, Leites L, Islam-Faridi N, Romero-Severson J, DeLeo VL, Lucas SM, Lazic D, Gailing O, Carlson J, Staton M (2023) A haplotype-resolved chromosome-scale genome for Quercus rubra L. provides insights into the genetics of adaptive traits for red oak species. G3: Genes Genome Genetics 13: jkad209 

  3. Lindback EC, Rauschendorfer JK, Burton AJ, Külheim C, Cavaleri MA (2023) Common garden study reveals frost-tolerant northern seed sources are best suited to expand range of Quercus rubra. Forest Ecology and Management 539: 120985

  4. Chakrabarty P*, Hsieh J-F*, Foley WJ, Külheim C ­(2023) Evolutionary relationship of the NBS-LRR gene family in Melaleuca and Eucalyptus (Myrtaceae). Tree Genetics & Genomes 19: 25

  5. Ghirado A, Blande J, Ruehr NK, Balestrini RM, Külheim C (2022) Adaptation of Trees to Climate Change: Mechanisms Behind Physiological and Ecological Resilience and Vulnerability Frontiers in Forests and Global Change 4: 831701

  6. Mhoswa L, Slipper B, Myburg AA, Külheim C, Naidoo S (2022) Genome-wide association study identifies SNP markers and putative candidate genes for terpene profiles in Eucalyptus grandis. G3: Genes Genome Genetics 12: jkac004

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